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M Street Architecture

I first became interested in M Street homes because of the charm of the architecture. If you can't tell the difference between a Craftsman and a Tudor, let me tell you about the architectural styles common to the area.

Ken's Market Area

While this website focuses on the M Streets, Ken's market area extends all the way from North Oak Cliff in the south to Richardson in the north.



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Where Is The M Street Area?

The M-Street Area of Dallas is Northeast of the
Central Business District of Dallas, Texas.

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m streets map

Area Boundaries:

Central Expressway
(US Highway 75) on the west;

Northwest Highway
(Loop 12) on the north;

White Rock Lake
on the east; and

Interstate 30
(R. L. Thornton Freeway) on the south.

Come Live The M-Street Lifestyle

Life is more exciting in the M-Streets, nestled in the shadow of Dallas' Central Business District. If you like to have things to do, people to meet, and places to go, you will like the M-Streets. With such a diverse range of people and housing and lifestyles, there's a niche available for everyone.

Share in the benefits of easy access to jobs in downtown Dallas, cultural venues in the Arts District, outdoor recreation at White Rock Lake, high-end couture and gourmet food at Victory Park, and exciting shops and eateries sprinkled throught the neighborhoods.

It's an exciting lifestyle that you can't find in the suburbs; it's a little more hip, a little more edgy, always reinventing itself.

See the Neighborhood Slide Shows for an introduction to the M-Street Lifestyle.

A Collaboration That Will Serve Your Best Interests

ken lampton dallas real estateHome shopping in the M-streets is different from home shopping in the suburbs. You'll make a better deal for yourself by working with an agent who has specialized knowledge of this area—the kind of knowledge that is gained by living here, by renovating older homes, and by participating in the life of the community for many years.

You see, this is an area in flux. That's what makes it so exciting to live in this part of Dallas, but that's also what makes it challenging to shop for a home here. We have seven decades of homebuilding crammed between downtown Dallas and White Rock Lake. The condition of the homes, the degree of updating, and the list prices vary wildly from block to block.

During my years as a REALTOR®, selling hundreds of M-Street homes, I've taught myself how these homes are put together and how to judge their value. That's what makes me valuable to you.

If you are a ready to engage in a collaboration that will definitely serve your best interests, I'd like to meet you and have a chat. Give me a phone call or send me an email. We'll talk about the neighborhood and my services.

Not ready to start pounding the streets yet? Just curious about the neighborhood? That's fine. Bookmark this site. Use all its search features for as long as you like. Then get in touch with me when you are ready to talk.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Need A Buyer Agent? I Can Help.

Shopping for a home to buy? When I act as your Buyer Agent my professional advice will help you get the house you want for the lowest price and best terms that can be obtained.

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